Native Italian freelancer specialized in video game translation, with a first-hand experience of translating, proofreading, localization, editing, testing and subtitling.

Since 2006, I have translated more than 7.5 million words and typed nearly 30 million characters – not to mention the 4 computers and 7 keyboards I have worn out.
In nearly 13 years I have taken an active part in lots of projects in different fields and topics: games, manuals & guides, literature, art, education, marketing, business, and so on.

I collaborate with trustworthy and professional agencies, and have had the chance to work on great games, such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (by Bluehole Studio), Dariusburst Chronicle Saviour (by Pyramid), Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse (by WayForward Technologies), Rocket League (by Psyonic Studio), and many more.

Having an insatiable appetite for books and mangas, I spend a lot of time reading. In 2013, this great passion found fulfilment, since I worked as an editor for a well-known Italian publisher – Corriere della Sera. I handled a book series (titled Twin Stories) of short stories by the most relevant American and British writers.

I am also involved in a memorable adventure in the academic world of the University of Calabria. Since 2015, I have been employed as an Instructor of English, focusing on EAP and EFL teaching. In 2016 I won a prize for the best teaching practice poster session by CercleS (article published on degruyter.com)

I am a linguistic expert who can speak Italian, English and Japanese, and it doesn’t only mean sitting at my desk translating all day long. It also means sharing experience, being interested in different cultures, making new friends, being part of the world. So, please, don’t consider me just a gameaholic, a bookworm, a TV series and sports – especially soccer and athletics – watcher, but also a traveller and a world citizen.

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