Born in Italy some 37 years ago, I have always been mad for foreign cultures and languages. While attending university I discovered a particularly exciting world – made of linguistics, grammar, history, literature, art, creativity, and much more – and I walked along its path, earning a self as in Japanese and English language translation. Finding this study extremely exciting, I keep on improving my knowledge and enhancing my translation strategies.

And all this because I like my job: working from your office, meeting people from all over the world, building teams and friendship, sharing projects and ideas, spending time together to create a piece of art, for you and your clients, earning money doing something you love, it’s awesome!

I have been working as a qualified professional English & Italian translator since 2006. Hard-working, friendly and devoted, in more than 10 years I  have taken part in, and completed, a lot of projects in different fields and topics: manuals & guides, literature, art, education, marketing, business, enterprise, industry, travel & accommodation, food & culinary, and so on. Moreover, being passionate about video games, I have been involved in game translation, localization, proofreading and testing since 2014.

Having an insatiable appetite for books and the written word, I spend a lot of time reading. In 2014, because of past job opportunities that allowed me to work with a well-known Italian publisher, this great passion found fulfilment. My task was to act as an editor and handle a book series – Twin Stories, by Corriere della Sera publishing –  for Italians who wanted to learn English.

A more representative job where learners are involved is my adventure in the academic world of the University of Calabria. Since 2015, I have been employed as an Instructor of English, focusing on EAP (English for Academic Purposes) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teaching. I must say, I have experienced a considerable sense of satisfaction at being in the job.

Well, I think you know me much better now. And if you want to share any thoughts, or anything else, why don’t you contact me?