Technical & General

Creating a general translation page is better than categorizing each single translation, for it gives you the chance to have a clear idea of what I have done just running your eyes over the list below. It is about both technical and general translations I have lately performed. Hope you will find this miscellaneous samples useful and interesting.

Mobile Apps – IG10, PRObot; TestX; FindMyPhone; GEO Shield VPN; CopyCleaner; Device Analyzer; MobileDoctor; DLMCCore_multi; VPN Simon; VPN TrackBlock; CyBro; SP Insta; PhonX Protection; Securan-D; FollowMe TikTop; ROboX Roborg SecureSpot; Dr. Expert; All Likes; MaxGuard; Total Security App; Guardian; Location Tracker; MegaShield Combine; Shield Pro; MeetFit – Location tracker; RealLoc; SocialBox; TickTop; Tik Magic XDefender; Likes Now; ScanTool (DT7); Get2Top; FastLikes; Prime Protection; VPN Roborg; SecureSpot; WebGuard; Keepsecure; Megashield; Privacy Shield; Local Cleaner; XSecurity; Keep Private; Smart Antivirus;

Handoff: Amazon AWS;

Data Governance, Intellectual Property, ABC, General Compliance, Insider Trading, LGBTQ, Workplace Diversity;

XBOX Marketplace descriptions;

Manuals & Guides – SeaLife Camera DC2000; RAE Pocket Guide; Copyblogger Business Guide; Lean&Clean Quick start guide; Cruise Passenger Information Sheet; Catalyst; Pandora; SendCloud;

Courses – Harley-Davidson U.S.; ZTE Lessons; Zesty; Catalent; Yum!; Pandora; SendCloud; Finance and Climate Change;

Videos/Movies/TV shows/Documentaries, etc. – One month, one team, one new buyer; Learning in the era of cognitive business; Desiner at IBM; You and I; SM Booster; Snack Wars; Movie synopses for airlines (Elvis; Father of the Bride; Moonshot; The Batman; The Fallout; Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore; The Matrix Resurrections; DC League of Super-Pets; 8-Bit Christmas; Tom & Jerry: The Movie; Reminiscence; Malignant; Thor: Love and Thunder; Lightyear; Turning Red; Motherless Brooklyn; Richard Jewell;  The Good Liar; Doctor Sleep; Godzilla: King of The Monsters; Nancy Drew and The Hidden Staircase; Aladdin (2019); Tomb Raider; The Disaster Artist; Confessions of a Shopaholic; The Art of Racing in the Rain; (500) Days Of Summer; Barry Lyndon; Collateral Beauty; Christopher Robin; How To Be Single; Wonder woman; In The Heart Of The Sea; Man of Steel; Cinderella (2015); Jupiter Ascending; The Judge; Four Christmases; Fred Claus; The Accountant; Life of Pi; The Meg; New Year’s Eve; A.I. Artificial Intelligence; Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald; Isn’t It Romantic; Dolphin Tale; Dolphin Tale 2; Gifted; Sex and The City 2; Life As We Know It; Journey To The Center Of The Earth; Journey 2: The Mysterious Island; Mary Poppins Returns; Jersey Boys; Ocean’s Thirteen; Ocean’s Eight; Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang; Boonie Bears: The Wild Life; Saturday Fiction; The Wind Guardians; Don’t Forget I Love You; A Writer’s Odyssey; Striding Into the Wind; Lakshya; Rock On!!; The Principal (Al Nazer); Fien Qalbi; Wekr El Ashrar; Paris of The North; Undercurrent; Hullabaloo); and many more titles.

Certificates of bith, marriage, divorce, adoption, driving licence, education, ISO9001, anti-birbery & anti-corruption;

Company Contracts & Agreements – Ferrero; Sapori Toscani; Business emails; INT 500;

Company Overviews & Websites – HiPay; Turkey’s Vision 2023; Industrial and Commercial Bank of China; Albaraka Türk, Alstom; BNP Parisbas; Bosch; Cargill Gida; Coca-Cola Içecek, DHL; Sendcloud; App Quantum;

Company Programmes – Fanar; Ferrero “Trademark Law Compliance Programme”;

Advertisement & Marketing – Pepsi; PELS; PS4; Sendcloud; Pandora;

IT – Windows; Google Chrome; Google AdSense; SAP; Amazon AWS; Sendcloud;

Products – Glow Mates; Beauty Eye Gels; Chemicals; Microbrush Dry Tips; Nutri Bullet;

Educational – TRIO Project (Tuscany Region); TalkEnglish website; Story Boards;

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